The Story

The Story - poco a poco film project

Elizabeth Mikkelsen’s life as a professional cellist changes abruptly when her grandfather’s unexpected death moves her from San Francisco to a small mountain town in Idaho where she must learn to move beyond grief and discover and her true self, little by little, poco a poco.

In music, poco a poco is usually used along with another musical term to mean gradually or over time.

Cast and Crew

Cast and Crew - Poco a Poco Film Project

Writer, Director, and Producer

Jeffery Oliver makes films, poems and music in southern Idaho. Contact him at with any questions about this, or other, art projects. Visit Jeffery Oliver’s website to see what projects he’s up to. Follow Jeff on Twitter and Instagram.

Composer and Sound Designer

Eric Sandmeyer is a concert and film composer who lives in Arizona. Visit Eric Sandmeyer’s website to hear and read more about his concert and film music.